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Evaluate AI with AI.

GavelGen provides EvaluatorAIs for Developers to score their Large Language Model Apps quickly, affordably, and at scale. 


What We Do



Importance of Automated and Fast Evaluations

Performance Benchmarks and Regression Testing

Regular updates can impact a system's performance. Testing helps ensure that the performance remains consistent, or ideally improves, after each update.

Facilitating Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

In modern software development practices, where updates are frequent, automated testing is essential for CI/CD pipelines, allowing for rapid and safe deployment of changes.

Bias and Fairness

A diverse and large test suite helps us ensure that all areas of possible use cases are well tested before deployment.

EvaluatorAIs scores every LLM App interaction.

Your domain experts or users cannot score every interaction with your LLM App. Our Evaluator AI scores and comments all of it for you.

LLM App (1).png
LLM App (2).png

EvaluatorAIs lets you receive feedback on your LLM apps in minutes not days.

Run EvaluatorAIs against a test suite of user inputs to receive instant feedback on the changes made to your LLM App.

Integrate our EvaluatorAI into your CI/CD pipeline for instant continuous feedback on every commit that is otherwise not possible.



Benchmark your own LLM App against ChatGPT or Competitors to show performance gains.

Scores and comments are collected and associated with each LLM app. A large number of user feedback acts as a benchmark for us to compare which app is better.

Using a common evaluator, benchmark your LLM app against ChatGPT and competitors to prove to stakeholders superior performance.


Pricing Plan


  • First 5k Evaluations Free

  • Auto AI Evaluations

  • Model Analytics Dashboard

Custom-Trained EvaluatorAI based on your data

Custom Evaluations

Pretrained EvaluatorAI Evaluations

Pretrained Evaluations

Evaluate Smarter.

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